What happens after the offer is accepted?

Between the sales contract and the closing

Many activities take place in the weeks and days before a home purchase takes place.  The date of the closing my be estimated in the sales contract, with flexibility to allow for preparation of documents necessary to finalize the sale such as:
  • Buyers need to obtain homeowners's insurance before closing
  • All parties of the agreement have to work out transfer of utilities
  • All parties much change their mailing address
  • If the property is in a flood zone, buyers may consider buying flood insurance
  • If the home has a well or septic system, then these may have to be inspected.
  • A newly constructed home may need a "certification of occupancy" from the municipality before closing can occur.
  • The lender may require a survey - an accurate plat of the property's boundaries and easements.
  • In the state of Virginia it is customary for the seller to obtain a termite report no sooner than thirty days prior to closing.
I will facilitate the gathering and transfer of information between your attorney or settlement agent, any lenders or government authorities required.