Five Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent

How Getting a Real Estate Agent Could Make a Difference

  1. Real estate transactions are complicated.  In most cases, buying or selling a home requires disclosure forms, inspection reports, mortgage documents, insurance policies, deeds and multi-page government-mandated settlement statements.  A knowledgeable guide through this complexity can help you avoid delays or costly mistakes.
  2. Selling or buying a home is time consuming.  Even in a strong market, homes in our area stay on the market for an average of 30 days.  In addition, it usually takes another 45 days or so for the transaction to close after an offer is accepted.
  3. Real Estate has its own language.  If you do not know a CMA from a PUD, you can understand why it is important to work with someone who speaks the language.
  4. REALTORS® have done it before.  Most people buy and sell only a few homes in a lifetime, usually with quite a few homes in between each purchase.  In addition, even when you have done it before, laws and regulations change.  That is why having an expert on your side is critical.
  5. REALTORS® provide objectivity.  Since a home often symbolizes family, rest and security, not just four walls and a roof, home selling or buying is often a very emotional undertaking.  In addition, for most people, a home is the biggest purchase they will ever make.  Having a concerned, but, objective, third party helps you keep focused on both the business and emotional issues most important to you.

Let's talk about how to pick the right real estate agent for you.