Location of your Lynchburg Va home

Three important factors when purchasing your home

The three most important factors in finding the right home is location, location, location. 

The location of your new Lynchburg Va area home  is critical. 

  • How far will you have to drive to work?
  • How good are the local schools, shopping centers, public transportation, senior's services and other neighborhood amenities?   
  • Will your new neighbor be a vacant lot or a commercial property? 
Even a picture-perfect dream home can be a mistake if it is an undesirable location, and a poorly located home can be particularly bad choice if you anticipate reselling the home within a few years.
Check lists are a great way to remember what you like or do not like about the homes you see.  Rather than relying on memory, make notes about the homes you visit.  Turn your priorities into a personalized home - shopping checklists and use it to track the features of each home.