Be sure to get a Lynchburg home purchase pre settlement walk through

Walk through prior to settlement of your new home

The sales contract on your Lynchburg Va home should allow for a pre-settlement walk through of the house to verify that the conditions, fixtures and amenities are unchanged and undamaged from the day the contract was executed. 

This is not the time to find major problems; that should have happened during the inspection process.  The walk-through usually takes place shortly before or on the day of closing. Be sure to look at any requested repairs made after the execution of the agreement. 
If unwanted changes have occurred or the agreed-upon repair was not made, settlement may be delayed until the problem can be resolved.  Options include postponing settlement until the problem, usually by placing funds in an escrow account held by an attorney or settlement agent to cover major repairs or the seller has made the necessary repairs, the escrow funds will be returned to the buyer